If you had to spend a

What would you do if you had a million dollars jump to last post 1-26 of 26 discussions (38 posts) 60 manofmystery24 posted 5 years ago spend it till its gone reply report 84 carozy posted 5 years ago i would invest it somehow and live off a small percentage of it i would travel the world and buy investments. However, if you do something to occupy yourself while you are waiting for something, you say that you do it to pass the time he had brought a book along to pass the time to pass the time they played games. If you could spend a day with anyone in the world, past or present, who would you choose and why richmond uni entry essay written 14/11/12 on appication to the uni i have chosen robert kennedy the brother of the american president jf kennedy for many reasons. When you have some extra money to work with, it's a chance to do something new here are 20 fresh ideas for how to spend or invest $1,000 smart ways to invest it or spend it.

if you had to spend a This is something that you should post in discussions because presumably you want a lot of different answers for me, there is no question but that i would spend the day with my wife and kids.

They wished they had studied the bible more to know god better, they wished they had spent more time with their family and told them more often how much they loved them, and they wished they would have been better witnesses to their lost friends and family members. Money that you will spend on further developing the underdeveloped areas, helping people to help themselves you can be the world economy’s stimulus plan that feeds back into your personal. So, if you had 1600 to spend on a new amp (not used), which ones would you guys look at personally i think if you are up for some assembly then look at a w6pql hf/6 kit , i did and it works very well unless you need the last few watts ,.

Rural acres, near the seagetting back to nature, living in a tree, a small camp fire, a billy or two marsh mallows on a stick and gaze at the night stars with the haze of smoke to keep the mozzies at bay. If you were given one million dollars to spend how you would spend it you cannot use it for yourself family members or friends search search results virtue ethics, lawyers and harper lee's to kill a mockingbird. Hi, he and i had spent the weekend at the zoo this is correct, as long as you have a context in which you need to use the past perfect in many contexts, the simple past should be used.

If i could spend a day with any person in the world, whether living or dead, i would have chosen herbert george wells i would have chosen to spend a day with him because i am really interested in science fiction and he was among the pioneers of this genre at the time when it was not considered literature at all. My dad has very unexpectedly decided to give me £200 after he had a small windfall there is only one catch, i have to spend £100 of it on myself on something nice and not on the kids or on paying a bill. Re: if you had 1500$ to spend « reply #32 on: april 29, 2012, 10:21:49 pm » the reason i suggested a 22 was because a 22 with subsonic ammo will not have the signature supersonic crack at 130+db that a typical rifle will. You spend 90% or more of your time at your desk connected to a 3440x1440 100hz display, so you need something that can drive that at high quality settings when you do travel, you still want to be able to enjoy gaming, so you're leaning toward a model with a 17 display. Welcome to jetboatersnet we are delighted you have found your way to the best jet boaters forum on the internet please consider signing up so that you can enjoy all the features and offers on the forum we have members with boats from all the major manufacturers including yamaha, seadoo, scarab and chaparral.

If you had to spend a

Live every day like it’s your last that’s a common cliche you hear when it comes to getting the most out of life which is why in this video, i go through, step by step, what i’d want my. A billion us dollars in a day by the way, that’s about 5313 billion in my country’s currency how on earth i would spend all that money in one day even if i buy out a company, that would not be done in a day, and some companies here are not wor. So, if you had about $400 to spend on a complete package of eyepieces and filters, what would be your choices i could just pay about $130 and get the celestron eyepiece and filter package that includes 5 plossl eyepieces, a barlow lens, and 7 filters, but would i regret it in time and be upgrading everything in it.

There are plenty of owners of my brand of tractor who will spend all day telling you that it is the one to buy - and a fair number who will tell you that if they had to do it all over again they would buy something different. What if you had to spend the rest of your life in a luxury hotel amor towles, the author of rules of civility, a breakout hit five years ago, has a book coming out this fall about a man trapped. If you had a million dollars to spend, what would you buy i don't have a million dollars and likely never will (all at the same time), but it is a funny question to think about.

If you said you wanted to do a lot of really wide stuff, like interiors and landscapes, then you'd be heading for something like the 10-22, but if you're not, this will do a decent job for some reasonably wide stuff. Probably on one/two pieces of content (think guide, video etc) from someone who in my niche who knows their stuff i think great content can be an awesome asset, but the good stuff takes a lot of time and effort, so it would be worth paying $1k for. You are required to spend the next year of your life in either the past or the future what year would you travel to and why update cancel answer wiki 6 answers robert nolan, has spent an inordinate amount of time contemplating time travel answered jan 15, 2018 author has 138 answers and 297k answer views. If you have general feedback, a product review request, an off-topic question, or need technical support, please contact us thank you thank you comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion.

if you had to spend a This is something that you should post in discussions because presumably you want a lot of different answers for me, there is no question but that i would spend the day with my wife and kids. if you had to spend a This is something that you should post in discussions because presumably you want a lot of different answers for me, there is no question but that i would spend the day with my wife and kids.
If you had to spend a
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